Sales Services

  • Sales Management

    Develop / refine sales plans and strategy.
    Implement / update reporting system.
    Establish / update compensation plan.
    Develop / update sales targets / quota.
    Develop / update performance standards.
    Develop / update sales territories.
    Conduct personnel evaluations.
    Hire new sales staff.
    Reassign / outplace underperformers.
    Enhance sales team capabilities via training.
    Develop and implement special incentives.
    Manage the sales budget.
    Communicate sales performance internally.
    Evaluate / review sales pipeline / forecast.
    Lead sales meetings.
    Coach salespeople on an individual basis.
    Provide tactical advice on sales opportunities.

  • Coaching

    Identify President / Sales Executive’s strengths / weaknesses.
    Identify strengths / weakness of sales team.
    Uncover and rank priorities.
    Agree on mutual goals.
    Develop customized coaching plan.
    Select appropriate professional reading material.
    Periodically evaluate progress.

  • Assessments

    We offer pre-employment assessments for these sales positions:

    Inside Sales.
    Field Sales.
    Account Management.
    Sales Manager.
    Director of Sales.
    Vice President of Sales.

    We offer evaluations in these categories:
    Individual Sales Representatives.
    Individual Sales Managers and Sales Executives.
    Sales Organizations.

  • Recruiting

    Sales Management Services offers sales recruitment services, helping clients hire individual sales people, sales managers, VP’s of Sales or sales teams. Our systematic, selective hiring process assures first and foremost that our clients hire sales people that will sell.

  • Planning

    Consistently meeting or exceeding revenue goals while overcoming market and competitive pressures requires clear direction and an effective sales force. Sales success is achieved through a well-defined sales plan, specific sales objectives, ongoing measurement, appropriate motivation, and active management.

  • Operations

    Sales Management Services provides ongoing sales leadership for those businesses that want to establish accountability for sales results and keep their sales force on target.

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